Greetings from the Athletics Director!

The program aims to be inclusive, rather than exclusive.

It is designed to support the well-rounded educational experience (academics, co-curricular, service and social) offered at our school.

The following is basic information about the athletics program, and the Athletics Department moodle page provides greater details, sports calendars, and access to the various forms students must complete in order to participate.  If you are unable to find the information you seek here or on the Athletic Department link above, please feel free to contact me.



Patty Mattausch-Johnson

Athletic Director

Varsity Sports

RAS offers varsity volleyball, basketball and soccer. These sports are also offered at the middle school and junior varsity levels, providing a wider range of players to participate, and to provide an opportunity for building skills.


At the varsity level, smaller teams participate in two leagues; one within Morocco (Moroccan American Schools Athletic Conference MASAC) , and one internationally (AMAC) (Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, American School of Barcelona, American International School of Tunis and Cairo American College).


The culminating tournaments in each sport each year and both leagues occur about the same time in the year. The specific calendar for each year is posted Hotline and Moodle. The tournaments for volleyball typically takes place on late October/early November; for basketball in early February; soccer in late March/early April. Each tournament, local or international, is hosted by one of the league schools.

Junior Varsity (JV) Sports

Moroccan American Schools Athletic Conference (MASAC)


For students not chosen to compete at the varsity level, the JV sports program is available.

Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer teams compete locally and on an intramural basis, with a local tournament as a culminating event. 

Middle School (MS) Sports

Moroccan American Schools Athletic Conference (MASAC)


As for the high varsity and junior varsity programs, volleyball, basketball and soccer are offered.

As with the JV program, students compete on an intramural basis as well as with schools locally.  Each sport has a one-day culminating tournament as well.

Swimming / Track & Field / Badminton Clubs

Moroccan American Schools Athletic Conference (MASAC)

Along with the varsity, JV and MS sports, RAS students have the option to participate in swimming, track and field and badminton programs


These three sports are open to students in grades 5-12. These two programs, once again, seek to be more inclusionary, however participation in culminating tournaments may be limited due to time. RAS typically hosts an invitational swim meet in May, but may also have a smaller competitive event in the fall.


Track and Field has their meet in December and hosted at George Washington Academy in Casablanca. Badminton is hosted in Ifrane hosted by ASI.

Participation Eligibility

In order for students to participate in the athletics program at RAS, they must:

Demonstrate a commitment to the chosen sport(s), which includes:
  • Attending practices
  • Playing fair
  • Supporting teammates
  • Respecting fellow athletes from other schools.
  • Submit a physical exam form completed by a physician. The form for the physical exam can be found on the RAS website.
  • Maintain a grade point average of >>>>>>, with no failing classes. Grades are checked each mid-trimester and end of trimester. If a student experiences a sudden drop in academic level, either GPA overall or a in a specific class, the student may be prohibited from participating at any time.
  • Submit a Parent/Athlete Permission and Agreement Form, which also includes the understanding that the student, if chosen for a varsity team, will participate in the local and international tournaments.
  • Meet RAS behavior expectations so that they are not placed on disciplinary probation limiting them from remaining on campus after scheduled class times. Students are expected to demonstrate respect for fellow students, faculty and the community.