Learning in a World Community

Pursuing excellence in an environment of unity, mutual respect, and understanding.

Profile of RAS School Graduates:


Knowledgeable, Inquisitive and Thoughtful

  • Cultivate the skills to explore new ideas, concepts and issues.
  • Acquire a depth of knowledge and understanding in a wide range of disciplines.
  • Develop curiosity and a habit of lifelong learning.
  • Recognize and practice critical thinking skills to solve problems and reflect on their own learning and decision making.

Effective Communicators

  • Understand and express ideas clearly and confidently when writing, listening and speaking
  • Communicate in multiple languages and modalities
  • Willingly collaborate and communicate to problem solve

Open-Minded, Principled, Reflective and Caring

  • Value their own and others’ cultural backgrounds.
  • Actively seek new perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Respect and seek justice for all members of the learning community.
  • Have a sense of responsibility and integrity for themselves and the larger community.
The Rabat American School believes each student
  • Has dignity and worth.
  • Thinks critically and in depth.
  • Makes healthy, wise, and respectful decisions.
  • Communicates skillfully in a variety of languages and media.
  • Grows intellectually, physically, socially, ethically, and emotionally.
  • Values learning and becomes a lifelong learner.
  • Strives for personal and academic excellence.
  • Is civically, socially, and environmentally responsible.
  • Learns in partnerships with students, staff and parents.
  • Recognizes similarities and respects diversity.